5 Easy Steps to Make Grilled Sandwich

5 Easy Steps to Make Grilled Sandwich


Sandwiches are quick and fun, easy to make dishes that are liked by all age groups. There’s nothing better than bread toasted to a crisp with butter and some of your favorite flavors sandwiched between them. Today we’ll be talking about the classic grill cheese sandwich, which is everybody’s famous and super duper easy to make.

The thing with a grilled cheese sandwich is that you are probably always in a mood to have one. The problem when you’re cooking for yourself is that you have to do all the preparation and when you get to the eating part, you’ve already lost a little interest.

It takes very few ingredients and even littler time. All you need is bread, butter, and cheese. Let’s go through this recipe step by step.

1. Ingredients and Tools

  • Bread of your choice. You need to make a decision between all the kinds of bread available. Brown or white, sliced or loaf; it doesn’t matter. The point is, you should have the bread that your stomach likes the most.
  • Obviously, you will need cheese. Again, this is more about choice. But even so, using a flavorful cheese is preferred because this is the only ingredient in the middle of the bread; it also has to form the body of the flavor. Using something like cheddar is preferred. You can use it with a combination of mozzarella that will give the sandwich stretch and texture.
  • Butter is the last ingredient you’ll need. Many people swear off of butter because of the cholesterol and fat contents, but if you’re looking for a quick fix of bursting flavors like a grilled cheese. Regardless, you can still use fake butter that is made from vegetable oil.
  • In terms of tools, we prefer to use a cast-iron skillet. Using a non-stick pan wouldn’t get you the same crisp as a cast-iron skillet. You definitely have to season it first.
  • A spatula to turn the sandwich
  • A butter knife to spread the butter and cheese on the bread. Do not use a regular life as you can mistakenly cut through the bread.

2. The Spread

Once we have gathered everything we need, the following process is to get started on the spreading! Take two slices of bread and rub a healthy chunk of butter on it. Make sure to not over or under-do it. If you put too much butter, the bread will become soggy and not crisp. Too little, and it won’t be flavorful enough.

3. Cheese it up!

The next step is the fun part. If you’re using sliced cheese, start arranging them in a pattern that covers the entire surface area of the bread. If you’re using mozzarella, sprinkles shavings of it on top of the cheddar—Sandwich the buttered bread slices.

4. Seasoning the Pan

The cast-iron skillet is a pan that isn’t non-stick like the Teflon ones. To season the pan put on the stove on high flame. Then add a tablespoon of oil to the pan and swirl it around. Wipe all of it with a tissue and then wait for the oil to smoke. Then wipe off the excess oil, and you’re done.

5. Making the Sandwich

Add the sandwich in the middle of the smoking hot pan. Wait for it to sizzle and the bread to turn golden brown. Repeat this after flipping the sandwich for the other side. Cover the pan with a lid to let the cheese cook from within. After the cheese has started melting, take the sandwich out of the pan.

Cut in half and enjoy with ketchup. Your grilled cheese is ready!       

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