Best Tasty Home Made Snacks for Holi

Best Tasty Home Made Snacks for Holi


Holi holds a special place in the minds of every Indian as it is a festival that is known for its colours, scrumptious food and rejuvenating beverages. Whether it is an in-house Holi party or a grand commercial event, delectable food will always be there to satiate your hunger and satisfy your taste buds.

Having said that, there are a few delicacies that are common in most Indian households during the celebrations of Holi. These snacks are easy to make and prove to be a great addition to the festival. Let’s get to know about them in detail:

1. Puran Poli

Puran Poli is so deeply rooted in the Indian tradition, especially in Maharashtra, such that it is loved by adults and children alike. The puran poli is a sweet roti that includes a mixture of jaggery and chana dal. A flat pan or Non-Stick Tawa is the best cookware item to prepare a puran poli. The aluminum pan dissipates heat evenly and the non-stick texture doesn’t let the poli stick to the pan.

2. Aloo Tikki

This particular food item is the most-loved snack in India. These small tikkis are easy to make and have a mouth-watering taste, which makes them great to be served as starters. An aloo tikki comes in small pieces too, making it easy to eat. A Non-Stick Frying Pan is the best choice to prepare an aloo tikki because it is deep enough for shallow frying and comes with a lid that cooks the tikki to perfection.

3. Grilled Sandwich

Sandwiches are the best choice for any occasion, especially a festival like Holi because this food item doesn’t require a lot of preparation and can be done within minutes. Moreover, sandwiches are loved by youngsters and give you a feeling of fullness if they are loaded with veggies and cheese. A Non-Stick Grill Pan is the best choice to prepare a grilled sandwich as it offers excellent heat retention along with distribution. The non-stick grill pan ensures even distribution of heat and leaves appetizing grill stripes on the food.

4. Vada Pav

By the mere mention of a vada pav, our mouth starts watering. There is something in this snack that makes it so special for each and every member of your family. A vada pav consists of potatoes, as its main filling. The outer layer is of besan which needs to be deep fried to offer it crunchiness and its distinct taste. Non-Stick Deep Kadhai is an ideal choice for deep frying vada pavs. The heat-resistant handles make it easy for you to cook or carry the cookware from one place to another. Be it pakodas, French fries or vada pav, a kadhai is going to be the best choice for them all.

By adding these snacks in your Holi cleberations, you are sure to enhance the fun quotient by many folds and bring a smile on everyone’s face.

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