Best Uses of Saucepans to Improve Cooking

Best Uses of Saucepans to Improve Cooking


There are many types of vessels, pans, pots, grills, etc which kitchens have n abundance for various types of cooking. Saucepans, like the name suggests, are pots shaped in a specific way to reduce sauces, cooking vegetables, heating left-over food, etc. It’s a basic design with a flat bottom and high straight edges. Most Indian households use a saucepan for tea. Mostly around the world, saucepans are the perfect vessel to boil water in or cooking mostly anything liquid. However, despite its name and traditional usage, saucepans are quite versatile. Whether your kitchen has a cast iron, copper, non-stick, or Stainless Steel Saucepan, it is one of the most used and vital tools in the kitchen.

Saucepans feature a long handle and sometimes a lid. Relative to its size, it has a small surface area, which allows equal distribution of heat throughout the pan. This is what allows liquids to get to a boiling point quicker. Saucepans come in various sizes and volumes. They are smaller than stockpots or Dutch ovens but are deeper and less wide than regular pans. Saucepans are traditionally used over stovetops because that is where their shapes are properly utilized, however, induction saucepans also exist and are good options for a compact kitchen setup. 

Main Uses of Saucepans

  1. Since they are perfect for cooking liquid-based dishes, the best utilization of saucepans is to make stews, soups, and sauces for pasta in small quantities.
  2. Speaking of pasta, they are the perfect vessel to boil water to cook small quantities of pasta and noodles, etc.
  3. It is good for making mashed potatoes, lentils, risotto, and other types of grain-based dishes that start with boiling water.
  4. A good saucepan use if they are oven-proof, (which most of them happen to be) is braising. They are not as compatible with this method as a saucepan, but their depth makes them ideal for some dishes.
  5. non-stick saucepan can be used to cook various kinds of other dishes that require a pot for small quantity and depth in the vessel. However, non-stick saucepans are not compatible with ovens.

Drawbacks of Saucepans

  1. Saucepansbecause of their size are easy and handy to work with. But this also means that it can only be used for small quantities. This limited size can be a drawback when cooking for many people.
  2. While cooking food in saucepansit is important to keep stirring constantly, because a sauce pan’s shape and size make the food stick to the bottom, and makes it prone to burning.
  3. It can be difficult to properly clean a saucepan because of its shape and the sharp 90 degree angles where food can get stuck.
  4. Usually, the above point can be solved by soaking your saucepan in water for a while, but that is again a drawback if you’re using stainless steel saucepan.

A saucepan, depending on your individual needs can be a fantastic tool for the kitchen. For most people who live by themselves, and only ever have to worry about cooking for one person find a saucepan extremely convenient, but if you’re expecting guests anytime soon, you might want to look at other options.

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