Healthy Recipes For Monsoon To Keep You Healthy & Fit

Healthy Recipes For Monsoon To Keep You Healthy & Fit


Monsoon season might be good for the nature around you but is in this season that your immunity is the lowest. Eating unhygienic food can cause gastrointestinal issues and other illnesses like cough, cold or flu. So, how do you take care of yourself during this season? The best way to stay healthy during the monsoon season is by eating homemade and warm food as much as possible. The possibility of contamination is less in homemade food which reduces the risks of illnesses.

There are numerous recipes that you can prepare in the comfort of your home to keep you healthy during the monsoon season. Some of these recipes are given below:

  1. Soup

A bowl of hot soup is a must-have to stay warm during the cold monsoon season. You can prepare any soup of your choice by boiling raw veggies like carrots, tomato, beetroot, coriander, flower etc. You can make this soup in a Stainless Steel Handi over a gas stove within minutes. The different vitamins and minerals in the veggies will help you build your immunity during the monsoon season, thereby letting you stay fit.

  1. Poha

Poha or flattened rice is a very healthy recipe for breakfast in the monsoon season. It is usually prepared using rice flakes, onion, tomato, groundnut and spices like turmeric, red chilli powder, mustard seeds etc. You can easily make steamy poha in a non-stick kadhai and have a complete and satiating breakfast in the morning.

  1. Karela Fry

Bitter gourd fry or Karela fry is an easy-to-make snack recipe for adults and children alike. Karela is known for its wide array of benefits that include treating acne, preventing constipation, purification of blood and last but not least, boosting immunity. It also keeps your blood sugar levels in control. You can make a Karela fry using a non-stick pan and consume it with rice, chapatti or bhakri to have a fulfilling meal.

  1. Kanji

Rice kanji is a natural and homemade probiotic recipe that is perfect for keeping your gut healthy during the monsoon season. Consuming a bowl of kanji during dinner time will provide you with the necessary warmth along a healthy gut, both of which are a must during the rainy season.

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