How to Increase the Life of a Non-Stick Vessel

How to Increase the Life of a Non-Stick Vessel


Non-stick cookware is a very important feature in most Indian households these days. Non-Stick Pans are so useful when it comes to many types of cuisines that tend to stick to surfaces and make the cleaning and cooking process hell. Such vessels are not cheap, and regardless of quality, they need a lot of caretaking, because non-stick technology is fragile and the surfaces must be cared for properly. When it comes to buying cookware, the only thing that we equate with more money is not the aesthetic or the brand value, but the durability of the product we’re going to buy.

Kitchen equipment needs fast replacement because it is subjected to a lot of abuse, wear and tear, and fire. Since we don’t like compromising when it comes to health, getting good quality cookware and then taking proper care of the Non-Stick Cookware becomes extremely important.

So here are some ways you can better take care of the cooking surfaces on your non-stick pans.

1. Pre-Seasoning: This is a very handy tip in taking proper care of your non-stick Tawa. The idea is to coat the non-stick surface with a layer of your preferred fat, whether it is oil, butter, or ghee. Don’t poor excessive amount as it may be absorbed by your food and increase the amount of fat in your meal. Just add a few drops, spread it equally across the surface, let it reach smoking temperature, and then wipe it off with a paper towel.

2. Avoid Metal Spoons and Spatulas: Metal spoons and spatulas tend to scratch the precious non-stick surface, the very thing that makes these kinds of vessels unique and expensive than the rest. That immediately requires your non-stick pan to be replaced. It can also poison your food with the peeled non-stick surface. A safe alternative is spatulas made of silicone, hard plastic, or even wood.

3. Cleaning the Right Way: It’s extremely important to clean your non-stick cookware the right way. Scrubbing with iron wool might scratch the surface that we are supposed to protect. The best way to clean the surface is by using a soft low-density sponge, and if there is leftover food that needs to be scrubbed off the surface, make a baking soda paste and let it sit in the pan for a while. It will allow the food to be easily removed without the use of force.

4. Correct Heat Setting: This is the part where most of the damage happens. Different non-stick frying pans have different intensities of heat they can handle or require to get the job done. Some are stove friendly, some are not. Depending on what the cooking surface is made of, make sure you’re using the vessel according to its heat rating.

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