Hygienic Tips To Keep Food Fresh And Healthy During Monsoon

Hygienic Tips To Keep Food Fresh And Healthy During Monsoon


The monsoon season is one of the most-awaited seasons every year. This is the season when nature is in its full glory and every tree around you blossoms with beautiful flowers and lush green leaves. However, there is a dark side to this season as it brings with it different types of infections that affect your health and immunity. Food tends to get stale quickly during this season as it catches fungus due to the moisture in the atmosphere. For this reason, it is important to keep your food fresh and hygienic during the monsoons. Following is a list of a few tips that can help keep your food fresh for long:

  1. Store food in air-tight containers

The moisture in the air is at its peak during the monsoon season. If your food is kept open, it might attract fungus and other harmful bacteria which compromise the quality of the food. Keeping your food locked in airtight containers is the best choice to preserve them for long. Sumeet Cookware offers you Stainless Steel Airtight and Leak Proof containers that are best suited to store your food safely. These containers offer a moisture-free safe haven to your food as they have a silicon lid with locks on four sides. After storing food in these containers, you can keep them in the fridge to preserve the quality of your food.

  1. Heat your food before consumption

It is always a good practice during the monsoon season to eat warm food as the heat removes the excess moisture and keeps your food from getting stale. You can use an oven, a non-stick pan or a pressure cooker to heat your food. Moreover, make sure that you cook food in small batches to avoid wastage and keep your food safe.

  1. Clean your refrigerator

People often keep perishable food items in the fridge during the monsoon season to prevent microbial growth. However, if your fridge is not clean, then you are just making the matter worse as the unhygienic conditions of the fridge will not be able to keep your food fresh. So, make it a point that you clean your fridge frequently so as to keep unwanted infections at bay.

  1. Wash Your Veggies Thoroughly

Fruits and vegetables that you bring from open markets are often subjected to unhygienic conditions during this season. Flies and other insects tend to contaminate outside food which is why it is mandatory to thoroughly wash your veggies before consuming them. Even if the veggies are packed, it’s better to wash them in order to get them clean and healthy.

  1. Dry the grains whenever possible

Food ingredients like rice and other pulses are prone to microbial growth due to the moisture in the room. It is ideal to dry them under the sun whenever possible to remove the moisture and improve their shelf life.

The tips mentioned above will help you to eat clean and healthy food during the monsoon season. Follow these tips on a daily basis to enjoy the monsoon season at its best.

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