Stock Up Your Kitchen For Holi

Stock Up Your Kitchen For Holi

Holi is celebrated in almost every state of India and this festival is one of the best ways to treat yourself and your guests to some amazing delicacies. During this festival of colours, people prepare a myriad of dishes like puranpoli, gujiya, malpua, dahibhalle etc. If you are planning on throwing a Holi party and are expecting guests at your place, then you need to stack up on essential kitchen items that would ease your efforts during the festivities.

Sumeet Cookware brings you a list of a few such items that you need to have in your kitchen in order to be prepared for making delicious dishes. Let’s take a quick look at that list:

  1. Traditional Supreme Tawa

PuranPoli is one of the most common dishes prepared during this festival. This delicacy is very easy to make, especially when you have a thick tawa like this one in your arsenal. This Supreme Tawa gets a 4-layer non-stick coating that keeps the PuranPoli from sticking to the surface. Moreover, the durable Bakelite handles make it easy for you to handle this tawa while preparing food.Due to its ideal heat conductivity, you tend to use less oil while preparing your food on this tawa.

  1. 12 Pc Glass Set

Holi is generally played during the day, so you tend to get dehydrated while playing under the sun. To tackle this situation, it is ideal to consume chilled thandai or lemon sherbet to hydrate your body and infuse it with energy. This Stainless Steel Handcrafted Hammered Texture 12pc Glass Set from Sumeet Cookware is a great choice for serving these beverages to your guests. These glasses are easy to maintain and look quite classy on your dining table.

  1. Non-stick Deep Kadhai

If you wish to surprise your guests by serving them delicious and crunchy pakodas, then this deep kadhai is the best choice to prepare them. The aluminium material ensures even distribution of heat, thereby saving fuel and time. It also comes with a glass lid that you can use to cover the kadhai so that the essential nutrients are preserved and the flavor is retained. Moreover, the deep design allows you to use this kadhai for sautéing or deep frying different types of snacks.

  1. Non-stick Grill Pan

This square-shaped grill pan comes with a POFA –free non-stick coating that ensures easy release of food. The textured surface leaves appetizing grill stripes on your food, be it kebabs, sandwiches, burgers etc. This pan comes with a long handle that keeps unwanted burns at bay. The excellent heat distribution of this pan helps consume 40% less fuel and saves a lot of time as well. So, if you are looking to prepare quick fix snacks like sandwiches or burgers during Holi, then this is the best kitchen accessory you can get for that purpose.

Sumeet Cookware offers a wide range of stainless steel cookware and tableware items that you can choose from according to your requirements. Visit our store today and get something exciting for your kitchen to welcome the festival of Holi.
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