The Best Tiffin Boxes for Office Going Professionals

The Best Tiffin Boxes for Office Going Professionals

The most cost-effective and convenient way to enjoy food when you’re at work is to take your own home-cooked food in a tiffin box. It allows you to save a lot of money on food that you’d otherwise have to go and buy daily. Sure that is an option that lets you have all the fast food you want. But modern professional life is difficult enough already, why mix up all this unhealthy streak of habits in it too? This is where carrying your homemade food in the lunch box for the office is the best alternative.
It keeps you self-assured that the food you’re having regularly comes from an authentic source. Now when it comes to tiffin boxes, there are numerous options, depending on their quality of making, material, features, etc. So in this blog, we’ll take a deep dive into your options when it comes to the best tiffin box for office out in the market.
Lunch Box
The tricky part is choosing the right Lunch Box out of the thousands of options out there. So here are a few points you’d want to check and go through before buying one.
• It’s extremely important that you pick a tiffin box with a tightly sealing lid. This is to prevent spillage and other catastrophes that can happen to your food during the rigorous course of the day. A tightly sealed lid will also keep your food fresher for longer.
Lunch Box
• The size of your lunch box is very personalized customization that a lot of people can glance over, and then they end up with tiffins too small or too big for their needs. There are options of tiffins with capacity that can feed 10 people, and there are also one’s which would barely feed one person.

• There are various shapes and designs that tiffin boxes are available in. Just like size, you must find the right design. Some people prefer a small compartmentalized box, while some prefer the matching circular boxes that pile on top of each other.

• Another important thing to consider is the material of the tiffin box you’re going to buy. Good quality tiffins are available in hard plastic, aluminum, stainless steel, and even glass. Different materials have different properties like the ease of washing, heat retention, etc.
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All of these properties can alter your dining experience, and depending on your preference it becomes important to select the right one. Here are the best tiffin boxes lying on various sides of the customization spectrum:

1. Tupperware My Lunch: This is a good solid plastic hot lunch box with 720 ml space with compartments and a small container for a side dish too.

2. Tuelip Giftsplanet Homio Lunchbox: Perfect for someone who prefers a single dish lunch, or something with a mixed dish, this is a good option, having 900 ml of space.

3. Cello Lunch Mate Airtight Lunch Box: This one makes for a good tiffin box for kids with space for 3 different dishes and its cute design.

4. Home Puff Double Wall Vacuum Insulated Food Jar: Packed with 2 layers of insulation, this is an excellent option for those who like their food warm even after hours.

5. Signoraware Best Lunch Box: This exceptional package comes with 3 boxes of various shapes, made of hard plastic and extremely reliable. But the best feature is that it comes with

6. Hard plastic, sealable tumbler too!

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