10 Kitchen Tools Every Chef Needs!

10 Kitchen Tools Every Chef Needs!


Being a chef is not an easy job. Apart from having unmatched culinary skills, you must have a vast knowledge of all the cutlery and tools that are found in a big kitchen. At times when there are multiple orders to prepare, having the right tool by your side and knowing how to use it could save you some precious time!

Thankfully, there is a wide array of tools in the market that prove to be very useful and productive for a chef. Let’s take a quick look at a few of these tools:

1. Chef’s Knife

A chef’s knife is probably the most deserving candidate for the top position of this list because it is one of the most widely used tools by a chef. Select a knife for yourself that feels balanced while handling and has appropriate sharpness to get things done without wasting time. There are a number of different knives in the market, however, the ones with carbon-plated stainless steel will prove to be reliable in the long run.

2. Strainer

Whether you wish to strain rice, veggies or pasta, a strainer is an essential tool for any kitchen. Usually made of stainless steel, a strainer allows you to wash veggies and other ingredients without any wastage.  

3. Spatula

A spatula is a versatile piece of tool that can be used for multiple purposes like flipping, tossing food or even serving. Moreover, a slotted spatula also allows you to separate solid particles from a creamy paste.

4. Peeler

Most meals involving veggies require you to peel the skin of the veggies before cooking them. A peeler always comes in handy during such situations because it helps to significantly reduce the time of food preparation.

5. Cutting Board

After you have washed and peeled the veggies nicely, you need a durable and strong surface to cut them on. This is where a cutting board proves to be very useful because it allows you to chop vegetables, fruits or meat easily without worrying about any scratches on your kitchen table or marble.

6. Skillet

A skillet is an ideal kitchen tool to cook or stir fry different types of food items. The solid base of a skillet ensures even dissipation of heat such that your food gets cooked to perfection. Moreover, a skillet is very easy to handle and can withstand rough use in the kitchen.

7. Grinder

A grinder mixer is a must-have kitchen tool that can be used in multiple ways to make cooking an easy job for the chef. You can use a grinder to grind spices, tomatoes, coffee beans, onion etc to make a fine powder or paste to add to your food prep.

8. Prep/Mixing Bowl

Whether it is marinating chicken before frying or making dough for your cookies, you need a mixing bowl to mix everything nicely. Thus, this particular tool holds a special place in this list because of the utility it provides in a kitchen.

9. Grater

This tool can be used for grating veggies, mushrooms and meat without wasting a lot of time. Moreover, the compact design of the grater makes it easy for you to store it anywhere you like in the kitchen for easy access.

10. Tongs

If you wish to turn over a cookie in a baking tray, make chapattis/papad over a flame or pan fry a certain food item, tongs can come in handy. The long handle of this kitchen tool saves you from unwanted burns and bruises, thereby proving to be useful in everyday life.

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