5 Best Cookware Combinations for Kitchen

5 Best Cookware Combinations for Kitchen


When you cook a lot in the kitchen and get adept with the tools and vessels at your disposal, you realize that some combinations are meant to be used in that way only. You can’t stir your soup with a spatula, and you can’t flip your omelet with a ladle. The more experience you have, the more obvious these things get. When stocking up supplies for a new kitchen, some of these things can slip your mind. That is what we’re here to help you with!

Regardless of the kind of cuisine you’re making, these combinations are true for the cookware you use. When you use a pan to make anything, its surface and kind of cooking techniques require you to use cutlery that is friendly with pans only. Then it is also a matter of material of both cookware and the utensil. It should be compatible because if it’s not then, you could end up damaging either or both of the two elements. For example, using a silicone utensil on a cast iron pan would melt the tool because it is made for non-stick cookware surfaces. Let’s take a look at some of the most common combinations when it comes to Indian households.

1. Kadhai and Skimmer

Kadhai is a vital cooking vessel in India. Mostly it is used to shallow or deep fry items. It is also used as a replacement vessel for a wok in most households. It has very similar properties and heat distribution abilities, which is why it is also the go-to vessel to make stir-fry recipes. But the most used function of a Kadhai is too deep fry items. All that hot oil needs to be drained out of the food, which can be difficult without a rounded and perforated utensil. This functionality is provided by a skimmer, precisely what you need to scoop out deep-fried items from a boiling hot Kadhai full of oil.

2. Iron Tawa and Steel Spatula

Many Indian households prefer a traditional iron Tawa for making lots of things like chapattis, paranthas, dosas, or omelets. There is a specific texture of cooking that you can only get from a regular iron Tawa. The crunch and the crisp are very different and sometimes unachievable from a modern non-stick pan. The problem is that most modern houses are stocked with non-stick-friendly silicone utensils. However, for an old-school Tawa, you’ll need a Steel Spatula, also known as a solid turner. This thin but robust tool gives you the option of scraping the crispy bits from the Tawa. It is also a materialistically suitable option for an iron Tawa.

3. Soup Pot and Ladle

A Soup Pot, also known as a cook pot or stockpot, is used to make sauces, stews, broths, and obviously, soups. When you’re dealing with dishes that are so thin in consistency, you need a utensil to work them in a way where you can mix them well and scoop in and out a significant quantity at once to make the mixing process more manageable. This is why a ladle is the most suitable utensil to use with a big pot. It also makes the serving process hassle-free.

4. Non-Stick Pan and Silicone Spatula

As mentioned above, a silicone utensil is a great tool to use in the kitchen since they are flexible and can make the process more accessible because of their properties. But they have to be materialistically compatible with the cooking vessel as well. The combination of a silicone spatula and a Non-Stick Pan is a match made in heaven! The non-stick surface makes it smooth to use without any problems at all. For example, if you were to use a steel spatula, you risk scraping off the non-stick surface while cooking. This is going to render the pan unusable.

5. Saucepan and Whisk

This is an unusual entry on this list because there are very few scenarios where you would need to use anything other than a solid spoon to cook using a Saucepan. But when a saucepan is actually used to make what its name suggests, i.e. sauces, a whisk comes in really handy. You don’t have to beat the sauce like you would when you use a whisk to beat eggs or a cake batter. A whisk, however, is the perfect tool when it comes to mixing a sauce since it is a thick texture that would prefer a tool that it doesn’t stick to.

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