5 Foods You Didn't Know You Could Use in a Cheese Grater

5 Foods You Didn't Know You Could Use in a Cheese Grater


A cheese grater is a valuable tool in the kitchen. It is what we turn to when we have to fine shred something. This makes the name "cheese grater" very confusing. There is plenty of fancy equipment explicitly designed for chopping, dice, slice vegetables, and other food items. But the value of a cheese grater will immediately increase in your eyes after going through this post!

When you think about a cheese grater with various sized grating surfaces, you feel about shredding your favorite type of cheese over your pasta or pizza base before putting it into the oven. But here are other food items which you can use a cheese grater with creatively!

1. Tomatoes: A lot of people have a serious disdain for canned and store-bought goods. This disdain, in most cases, comes from the fact that you can make these things at home! One such item is canned or store-bought tomato puree. Many people like to make their own puree at home with fresh tomatoes and a blender! The way to do it is, parboil the tomatoes first so that they're easy to skin. After they're skinned, you put them in the blender.

But here comes the twist. This still leaves you with one process more than you need and a hefty task of cleaning one vessel more than you should. You can just eliminate the boiling process and dirtying the blender jar by using a cheese Grater instead. Just make a plus-sign shaped cut on the base of the tomato, and get to shredding! This automatically skips the skin and purees the watery pulp of the tomato.

2. Breadcrumbs: How breadcrumbs are made is a mystery to people who spend a lot of money buying breadcrumbs from the store. The alternative is for the bread to go stale, toughen up, and just run through a cheese grater! You can also achieve the same results from toasted bread. These bread crumbs are great to be used with anything you plan to deep fry. There are so many recipes, like fried chicken, where you dip an item in egg wash and coat them with breadcrumbs for that delicious crispy outer layer.

3. Hash-browns: Hash-browns are a favorite breakfast item in English or Continental cuisine. They are made from potatoes shredded and mixed with flour, egg, and seasoning (salt and pepper). Then they are shaped into small patty-like disks and deep-fried. For shredding the potatoes, you can save yourself the effort of chopping it really fine and just use a cheese grater's big-holed face.

4. Shredded Carrots: Have you noticed the finely sliced carrots in Chinese food? You must've thought that "this must take forever to get right". Well, you can achieve the same results by using a cheese grater to get the delicate slices of carrot. You can also use a grater to shred the cabbage as well. This way, you have very finely chopped veggies to put in your noodles that don't overpower the texture of the noodles while still maintaining their individual character.

5. Freshly Ground Spices: If you've ever used a spice grinder, you know that freshly ground spices like nutmeg and cinnamon have a whole different flavor profile than pre-ground spices from the store. If you don't have a spice grinder, you can use a cheese grater's smaller holes to achieve a similar effect and freshly grind your spices before use every time!

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