5 Most Useful Kitchen Accessories That Everyone Should Know

5 Most Useful Kitchen Accessories That Everyone Should Know


The kitchen is the engine room of a house. It is where you’ll find the most important things in life, waiting to be turned magically into a meal to remember. The kitchen is an organizational masterpiece of so many different elements. You have the ingredients, the tools, the stove, and the vessels. There are many gadgets and paraphernalia in between as well, all just as important. In the modern world, you will find cool new innovations, most of which make your life easier in the kitchen.

Modern-day innovations like sandwich makers, rice cookers, waffle irons, etc., are now mass-produced and made available to every home and professional chef in the world. Still, there are some tools that you will absolutely require for your daily cooking needs that are not always the first things in your mind. So we have compiled a list of 5 random essentials in no specific order that every kitchen must definitely have. Make your cooking time a breeze and have your kitchen become a place of convenience and organization.

1. Kitchen Knife Set

We need knives to chop vegetables, cut meat, filet a fish, and many other possible reasons. One knife can’t possibly do all of these things on its own. There are different types of knives for different purposes in the kitchen, including cheese knife, butcher’s knife, carving knife, tomato knife, bread knife, and many more. You can find these combinations of steel marvels made by many different brands, but the idea is the same. Having an arsenal of different blades for different purposes makes everything cut and chopped how it is supposed to be.

2. Mixer/Blender

Modern-day cooking is close to impossible without a mixer/blender. Mixer/blenders can be confused by other gadgets that have fast-spinning blades and a container that provides you with an absolute mush of things, including food processors and even sometimes juicers. But mixer/blenders are a versatile type of gadget that can be used for many purposes. They replace smashing and combining ingredients using a mortar and pestle with something as convenient and effortless as turning a dial.

3. Colander or Strainer

Small sieves can’t do much when you have an entire batch of pasta or rice to drain. There are so many times you need to get rid of all the moisture from ingredients before cooking the get maximum crunch or cook them efficiently. But even in these requirements, you must wash everything before cooking. So whether it is to wash vegetables or drain water from noodles or pasta, a colander or strainer comes in very handy in day to day cooking usage.

4. Rubber Spatulas

Rubber or silicone spatulas have become heat resistant to a level where they can be directly used with highly heated metallic vessels without posing any risk of intoxication or contamination in your food. Having three or four different sizes of rubber spatulas in your house means you will never have to waste any single shred of food again. You can use these rubber spatulas to scrape off every last smidge of mayonnaise from the bottom of the jar or the stuck bits of gravy from a hot pan.

5. Storage Containers

The last entry on the list is an obvious but necessary one. Our kitchen houses various types of ingredients in large quantities. One way to organize everything is to keep things in the packets or containers they come in. The other, better way of doing so is to have a matching set of storage containers specially made for the kitchen. These boxes will have air-tight storage and transparent visibility. Most of them also are designed in a way where you can stack them on top of each other. These boxes give your kitchen some tidiness and make it easier to spot required ingredients when needed the most.

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