5 Quick Snacks Recipes for a Party

5 Quick Snacks Recipes for a Party


In India, we love to snack. Whether it is with our morning or evening tea or just to beat the midday blues, we love to snack. So if you are confused about what to make when there is get together of a party you are about to organize, you have stumbled on to the right place!

We enjoy a multitude of cuisines in our country, which also means there are various flavors to tap into. There is something for everyone and their taste buds. Depending on your attendance, their combined aggregate preferences, and our own convenience, we have curated a list of 5 snacks you can make easily and quickly to entertain your guests. So let’s start digging in!

1. Sandwiches

Sandwich is some of the most celebrated recipes in the world. It is accessible to make and very delicious in more ways than one. This recipe is also highly customizable. You can add the ingredients of your choice and then decide whether to grill the bread or keep it raw. For a quick recipe, you could make grilled cheese sandwiches.

To make a grill cheese sandwich, choose your favorite bread, favorite type of cheese, and butter. You could also make things interesting by adding veggies, cooked chicken shreds, and whole lots of things of your choice. Just place everything in the middle of two slices of bread with cheese slices on both sides, apply butter to your grill or sandwich maker, and cook the sandwich till the surfaces on both sides turn golden brown.

2. Tandoori Chicken

Mughlai cuisine is one of the favorites of every non-vegetarian lover in the country. Tandoori chicken is a classic dish that you can make at home with a few simple tweaks from the traditional recipe. The traditional recipe involves a big tandoor or clay oven in which the chicken slowly cooks. But you can achieve the same result with a grill pan. This recipe works even better if you are planning an outdoor barbecue get-together.

To make tandoori chicken, get big pieces of chicken and marinate them beforehand. The marinade will be a mixture of whisked yogurt, spices, oil, ginger garlic paste, and lemon juice. Marinate the chicken for an hour or two; if you can marinate it overnight, even better. Fire up the pan, grill, or barbecue, and roast the chicken till it is cooked and golden brown on the outside.

3. Samosas

A classic Indian snack, samosas can be found at any breakfast corner in the country. They’re super easy to make and go perfectly well for your tea snacks. If you feel adventurous, you can make your own unique type of samosa. One such alternative recipe is a chicken cheese samosa.

Instead of using a spiced mashed potato mix to make this variation of the recipe, use chicken mince instead. Cook your keema with your favorite combination of spices and vegetables like bell peppers, corn, carrots, etc. Add cheddar cheese to the mix, take it out in a separate bowl, and allow it to cool down. Now go to the regular samosa routine by encasing the stuffing in a rolled maida circle in a triangle and deep fry.

4. Pakodas

Fritters or pakodas are everybody’s favorite tea-time snack. As soon as the clouds turn gray, you can almost hear your stomach growling for pakodas. They are extremely easy to make and go well, even in a party setup.

To make fritters, whip up a batter of gram flour, spices, and water. Use your favorite vegetable like onion, cauliflower, or better yet, paneer. Dip the contents in the batter and deep fry in medium batches.

5. Frankies

Frankies are a great way to combine a meal into an easily edible handy snack. Frankies can be made with any filling of your choice. All you need is pre-made tortillas or chapattis. Last night’s left-over chapattis also work perfectly well for this recipe.

To make a frankie you like, make a stuffing you love. Traditionally it is made with a mashed potato filling, adding onion, chatnis, and spices according to taste. To roll a frankie, re-cook the roti in butter on a Tawa, add the mix with your favorite tweaks, and roll it into a tube.

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