5 Super Cool Kitchen Hacks to Save time

5 Super Cool Kitchen Hacks to Save time

Working in the kitchen can be both serene, and frustrating depending on your workflow. Some people love cooking, and some people have to out of necessity. Regardless, there are little kitchen tips and tricks that can make life in the kitchen very easy. This compilation will allow you to save time and possibly save you from the frustration that can come with long hours in the kitchen. These kitchen tips are especially fruitful if you have to cook regularly and for a large number of people. So here are some tips and tricks to help make your life easier!

1. Plan Ahead

It is very important that you have a clear idea of what you want to cook for your next meal and the meal after it, so you can plan accordingly. There’s nothing more annoying than having to buy ingredients and groceries according to something you have planned to cook. Another smart thing to do is to plan your meals around the inventory you do have in stock. It is very convenient to just Google interesting recipes accordingly to what you have in stock. You’ll be surprised what you’ll find when you employ the search engines to good use for kitchen tips.

2. Wash you Fruits and Vegetables, RIGHT AWAY

If you got into the habit of washing the produce you buy right away as soon as you buy, them, your cooking time will cut down significantly. When we waste our time washing a lot of vegetables that is time we could’ve better-spent chopping veggies instead.

3. Cut Vegetables in Advance

One way to cut down the time you spend in the kitchen is by chopping vegetables well in advance. When you make a habit of cutting vegetables at least twice a week without planning to use them in meals, you can improvise with pre-chopped vegetables whenever you want.

4. Have a Clean Organized Work-Place

It is very important that all your Pots, pans, spatulas, etc. are in place and well organized. This is how you avoid situations where your sauce is burning while you’re looking for the next ingredient you have to put in. This is one of the simplest cooking tips which still need to be mentioned because it can be misused by people.

5. Keep Your Tools Handy

Your tools of the trade, i.e. Spatula, stirring spoons, ladles, slotted spoons, they should all be close to you while you’re cooking. Next to the stove, keep a wide-mouthed pan or jar where you can keep all of these tools.

These were some cooking tips that you can employ to make your life in the kitchen easier. It is a process that you get used to, and more you work in a kitchen, more you get used to it and start developing tips and tricks of your own.

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