Aluminium Cooker v/s Hard Anodized Cooker

Aluminium Cooker v/s Hard Anodized Cooker


There is nothing more versatile in your kitchen than a pressure cooker. This particular cooking appliance is immensely beneficial for day-to-day cooking as you can use it to make rice, boil veggies and many other such purposes. Traditionally, aluminium cookers were used in the Indian kitchen, however, today’s market is dominated by hard anodized cookers which offer more durability and heat conductivity than the aluminium or stainless steel cookers. Let’s find out the difference between these cookers in detail below:

  1. Aluminium Pressure Cooker

Aluminium metal is the most common type of metal used for making cooking utensils as this metal is a good conductor of heat. Due to this property, aluminium pressure cookers tend to get heated quickly and cook your food faster. Cookware made from aluminium uses less heat for cooking and helps to conserve fuel.

There are many disadvantages of using an aluminium cooker for cooking. For starters, these cookers get damaged easily when you accidentally drop them. Also, they tend to stain quickly and react with salt and acidic foods which might compromise your health. In addition to this, aluminium cookers also get overheated quickly since they are a good conductor of heat.

  1. Anodized Cooker

Hard-anodized pressure cookers have recently gained popularity in the market as they are more durable, lightweight and easy to clean as well. Anodization is a process that is used for producing a protective coating on articles made from aluminium and its alloys.

Apart from offering a protective layer, anodization also forms a non-stick layer on the inside of the pressure cooker which avoids food stains. Anodized pressure cookers look classy and offer all the benefits of an aluminium pressure cooker. They are rust-free, lightweight, consume less fuel and are scratch-resistant and good for your health. The only downside to these cookers is that they are expensive than the traditional aluminium pressure cookers.

Now that you know all the pros and cons of both the aluminium as well as hard-anodized pressure cookers, you can make a sound choice after carefully considering your requirements. Both these cookers are highly useful in the kitchen, no doubt, but when it comes to your health and ease of cooking, hard-anodized pressure cookers are the clear winners!

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