Benefits of Using Hard Anodized Cookware

Benefits of Using Hard Anodized Cookware

A regular Indian meal is acidic and corrosive in nature towards the cookware. This makes them prone to getting rusted and making our food unhealthy in the process. To tackle this problem, special anodized aluminum cookware is made. The process of anodizing is an amazing revelation in utensil production, especially for Indian households, since it shields our highly acidic food contents from reacting with the cooking surface. Anodizing is a process that involves dipping a vessel in a combination of chemicals and passing a current through it. This process will oxidize the metal, making it rust the aluminum. This oxidized layer then hardens and makes the entire surface rustproof for future use. Hard anodized cookware is made by using stronger chemicals, higher voltage currents, and lower temperatures, resulting in an even harder more durable cooking surface.
Hard Anodized Cookware set will always be presumably more durable than most non-stick cooking surfaces.

Though Anodized Pans may have smooth surfaces like non-stick cookware, they are not exactly non-stick. It is best used for preparing liquid gravies, or movable food items. However, the advantage here is, these utensils, unlike non-stick cookware, aren’t prone to scratching from metal spatulas and spoons. It is also a safer alternative to a much more toxic surface of Teflon found on regular non-stick cooking appliances. You’ll also find your cooking times reduced because of the highly conductive full aluminum surface, which is great for making a perfectly cooked quick meal.
Regardless of its durable finish and it is a healthier alternative to most other types of cookware, hard anodized pans need to be taken care of when storing. You must avoid scratching the cooking surface and dents in the hard anodized pan. Some examples of safe storage are designating a space for keeping your pans, a pull-out rack, or a specific pot cabinet for keeping your anodized cookware. One thing you must avoid is stacking the pans with other weaker utensils because hard anodized aluminum is stronger, or just as strong as steel. So this means stacking pans of different brands could end up in damages.

It is wrongly believed that cooking in anodized cookware has health disadvantages. This is wrong because if you take care of your vessel properly, there should be no problem at all, in fact, hard anodized cookware is safer than most other types of cooking surfaces. The problems arise when your cookware is damaged with scratches because that exposes the raw untreated aluminum within, which is prone to rust on interaction with acidic foods such as tomatoes or lemon. In such cases, just a little caution is advised which should take care of your health concerns.

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