Best Christmas Gift Ideas for your Favourite Foodie!

Best Christmas Gift Ideas for your Favourite Foodie!


Christmas calls for going on a shopping spree for gifts for your loved ones. However, shopping for someone who is a foodie can be very tough. They have almost everything that allows them to prepare and enjoy a scrumptious meal. Due to this, you might be confused about what to buy for such people. Thankfully, we have jotted down a list of a few items that would definitely be cherished by your friends and family. Let’s take a quick look at those items:

  1. Nonstick Pizza Pan with Glass Lid

Christmas is a festival of enjoying your favourite food, and what is better than pizza to celebrate this holiday season, right? This pizza pan from Sumeet comes with a nonstick coating that allows you to prepare a delicious pizza in a hassle-free manner. The 3 round ribs inside this pan help you to prepare a crispy pizza. These ribs lift the dough above the base to allow the excess moisture to escape. The lid allows you to slowly bake your pizza to perfection.

  1. Nonstick Kadhai With Lid

Wish to enjoy a delicious chicken curry or some amazing paneer recipe for your Christmas celebrations? In that case, this nonstick kadhai would be a wide choice for you. This kadhai is suitable for sautéing or deep frying your meal. The heat-resistant handles ensure easy handling of the kadhai, while the nonstick coating prevents the food from sticking to the kadhai. You can use it for cooking delicious curries, gravies or vegetables.

  1. Nonstick Grill Pan

Kebabs, sandwiches and burgers are an ideal addition to any Christmas party. This nonstick grill pan is designed in such a way that it leaves appetizing grill stripes on your food. The high-quality aluminium used in making this pan ensures an even distribution of heat to cook your food from all sides. The Sumeet Grill Pan comes with 4 layers of coating, including a hammer-tone finish coat at the bottom. Therefore, it is resistant to high temperatures, which in turn increases the life of the cookware.

  1. Nonstick Gas Toaster

Wish to prepare a crispy sandwich for your evening party? Then this gas toaster is there to help you out. A highlighting feature of this gas toaster is that it uses no or less oil, thereby giving you healthy and low-calorie food. The toaster features long handles that are easy to hold on to. With this toaster, you will be able to make tasty sandwiches without wasting much time in the kitchen.

  1. Nonstick Tapper Pan

Whether you wish to shallow fry cutlets or fish, this tapper pan is the perfect choice for that purpose. The pan is designed to preserve the nutritional content in your food by allowing you to cook your food with less oil. The Bakelite handle stays cool even while cooking, thus offering convenient handling. It comes with a 3-layer nonstick coating that ensures easy release of food from the pan.

All the products mentioned above are made using heavy-duty materials that increase the life span of these products. Cleaning is also an easy task, thanks to the nonstick coating on each product. To sum it up, you are bound to make Christmas even more merrier for your foodie friends and relatives by gifting them these unique and versatile kitchen products from Sumeet.


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