Best use of Kadhai for Breakfast

Best use of Kadhai for Breakfast


In Indian households, the Kadhai is the king of the kitchen. Many types of meals and cuisines, which are generally made in different kinds of cookware, can be translated into the Indian kitchen on a kadhai. It is thick and round bottomed, allowing for fantastic heat displacement. It comes in various sizes and volumes, which make it ideal for preparing meals of different magnitude and dimensions.

Kadhais come made of various materials, each with its own set of advantages and unique standpoints. Traditional kadhais are made of either clay or iron and aluminum. There are also people these days that prefer non-stick kadhais for their convenience of cooking abilities. If you're not using the Kadhai for deep-frying, you can use a non-stick kadhai to use it for the volume and heat distribution since it uses less oil to make. The ideal use of a non-stick kadhai would be to make stir-fry dishes.

Today we'll talk about familiar recipes that you can start of your day with using a kadhai. There is a whole variety of one utensil dishes that utilize the bigger radius of a kadhai and the quick-heating ability of its material. These dishes not only just include breakfast items, but also all-round meals which you can enjoy at any time during the day. So let's get started on this list!

Poha :

Poha is a light snack that is famous across the country, especially in North India, for its ability to absorb savory flavor and have a perfectly moist texture. It is basically flattened rice that is sun-dried for preservation. The way to prepare it is by soaking it in water for a while to rehydrate. Then you just prepare to stir-fry with your favorite vegetables and spices like onions, tomatoes, and cauliflower. If you have the time and patience, you could fry chopped potatoes to a crisp and add them to the final preparation. It is something that goes really well with the overall flavor. Just add some lime juice on top to finish it off!

Dosa and Appam :

South Indian cuisine is some of the best food in the country for the balance of taste and nutrition. Made from rice and black lentils, the dosa batter is a versatile raw material used in multiple ways. Depending on its consistency (which you can adjust by adding water or more batter), you can make dosa of different textures, uttapam, and appam. Using a kadhai is perfect for making appams which are basically a combination of the textures of idli and dosa. It requires the pan to have some depth so that the spongy bit in the middle. A perfect day to start your day, this is a recipe you should definitely consider.

Pakodas :

Fritters or more commonly known as pakoda in Hindi, are some of the favorite breakfast items of Indians. They come in various forms depending on the vegetable (or the combination of vegetables) chosen to make pakodas out of. To make pakodas, you need to make a paste of gram flour with spices and seasoning of your choice. Then dip the vegetables of your choice in this paste until the vegetables' slice is well coated with the batter. Then you must deep fry the fritters in boiling hot oil (in a kadhai, of course). A good kadhai with a thick surface will be perfect for making the pakodas since they are well equipped to keep the oil at a stable temperature where it doesn't burn the top layer, and neither does it leave not crispy enough.

Indo-Chinese Cuisine :

India's adoption of Chinese cuisine and making it our own is something remarkable. There are so many recipes that have been invented in India and have been branded Chinese. Whether it is Chilly Chicken or American Chopsuey, the Indian version of Chinese cuisine is definitely a lip-smacking treat. A kadhai is a perfect replacement for a traditional Chinese wok in which the cuisine is originally prepared. Kadhai is ideal for stir-frying large amounts of noodles and making thick gravies required for chilly chicken. Although a rather heavy option, many households like starting their day with something as delicious as homemade Indo-Chinese food.

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