Difference Between a Toaster and Sandwich Maker

Difference Between a Toaster and Sandwich Maker


Bread is one of the most commonly consumed breakfast items in the world. Regardless of what part of the world you live in, some form of bread is definitely a part of your local cuisine. When we say the word ‘bread’, it might mean different things contextually. For example, technically, the chapattis, naans, and all kinds of various flatbreads consumed by Indians are also bread. But we’re talking about regularly baked bread.

The two most common ways of consuming bread are either s a toast with other dishes or as a sandwich with filling inside it. Two very common appliances in households to prepare bread are toasters and sandwich makers. Although they both are used to preparing bread, they are very different from each other. So if you are confused between getting one or the other, you need to consider what is the preference of bread consumption in your home. Today, we’ll discuss the differences between the two common appliances.


A toaster is an appliance that fries bread without using oil and gives it a nice golden brown texture. It also gives the slice of bread a crispy outer layer while still maintaining softness on the inside. A lot of people toast or fry their bread on a pan, but this provides a very easy alternative. This also means fewer dishes to wash!

A toaster usually works on the principle of an electric stove. It has chambers that fit lateral slices of bread and has coils of metal that heat up to induce the cooking. The spirals produce infra-red radiation, due to which the slices of bread are heated and dried. Depending on what model you have, toasters can either take care of 2 or 4 slices of bread at once. Here are some more features of a toaster.

Advantages of toaster

  • High-speed cooking
  • Available in all budgets
  • Safe to operate
  • Compact dimensions

Disadvantages of Toaster

  • Seasonal: Used mostly in winters by most families
  • Risk of burns while trying to clean
  • Manual models can burn toasts if not familiar with the device

Sandwich Maker

Sandwiches are very different from toasts, which mean, obviously, sandwich makers are completely different appliances from toasters. Sandwich makers are devices used to prepare closed hot sandwiches. They are like a grill that envelopes a closed sandwich and cooks it well from both sides simultaneously. Sometimes these devices come with interchangeable plates that can also make waffles, pancakes, and puffs.

A typical sandwich maker has two heating plates between which it does all its cooking. It can simultaneously make 2 to 4 sandwiches. For the functionality it provides, a sandwich maker can replace a toaster since it is well capable of grilling solo pieces of bread too.

Advantages of Sandwich Maker

  • Quick and plenty of breakfast for the entire family
  • Additional features like waffles and pancake making
  • Protection against overheating

Disadvantages of Sandwich Maker

  • Budget-friendly sandwich makers are made from really fragile materials
  • Insufficient length of the power cord
  • Overfilled sandwiches can ruin the appliance

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