Essential Cookware Items For Making Delicious Snacks

Essential Cookware Items For Making Delicious Snacks

People love to make snacks at their homes, especially if they are expecting guests. There are a variety of snacks that you can cook in your kitchen, however, you need to have the right set of cookware items that would allow you to prepare those snacks. We, at Sumeet Cookware, bring to you a list of a few such kitchen essentials that you can get for your kitchen. These items allow you to prepare different types of snacks, thereby ensuring a variety while serving these delicacies to your guests.

  1. Nonstick Multi Snack Maker Plate/Pan

This quick snack maker from Sumeet Cookware features four pits for making multiple snacks at the same time. It is a useful addition to your kitchen space as you can use it to prepare a variety of snacks like dosas, parathas, uttapam, pancakes, chilas and more. The unique base at the bottom of this pan ensures even heating across all 4 compartments. This Multi Snack Maker gets a durable construction and comes with an ergonomic handle that makes it easy for you to use this kitchen item.

  1. Nonstick Appam Patra

This 12-piece Appam Patra is an ideal choice for making crispy appams in the comfort of your home. This Appam Patra features a unique design that leaves appetizing stripes on the food. It features a 3-layer nonstick coating that saves you from the hassle of a sticky cooking experience. The material is such that heat is distributed evenly on the cooking surface to ensure that food is cooked to perfection and by consuming less energy. The Appam Patra comes with a lid and features a Bakelite handle for ease of use.

  1. Nonstick Grill Gas Toaster

If you wish to prepare crunchy and delicious sandwiches at home, then this gas toaster from Sumeet is the right choice for you. Since this toaster does not need electricity, you can easily make sandwiches for breakfast or for evening snacks within a short time in this gas toaster. This nonstick coating of this toaster does not let food stick to the surface and ensures easy release of the bread. Moreover, the material is POFA-free, which makes it safe for your health as well. The handles of this toaster are of sufficient length and keep unwanted burns at bay. The unique design also leaves appetizing grill stripes on the bread to offer it a nice texture.

  1. Nonstick Pizza Pan

Pizza is the favourite snack of adults as well as children. Preparing this delectable snack at home is quite easy, if only you have the right cookware item. This Pizza Pan from Sumeet Cookware is the best choice for preparing a delicious pizza at home. The pan gets 3 round ribs which help you prepare crispy pizzas. These ribs lift the pizza dough above the surface allowing moisture to escape and provide a mouth-watering, crispy crust. This Sumeet Pizza Pan comes with 4 layers PFOA-free Nonstick coating with a granite finish , which not only minimizes the amount of oil you use while cooking but also ensures that you eat healthy food.

 All the cookware items mentioned above are durable in nature and can last for generations. They are easy to clean as well. You just apply liquid soap and scrub with soft sponge to clean. At Sumeet Cookware online store, you can mind a variety of such useful kitchen essentials that are sure to make your life easy. So, why wait? Visit our store today and get these versatile cookware items home!

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