Health Benefits of Cooking In Ceramic Cookware

Health Benefits of Cooking In Ceramic Cookware


Non-Stick Cookware is all the rage across the world. Since it was introduced to markets, non-stick cookware of various kinds has grabbed the market by the throat. It offers great productivity in the kitchen since they are easy to cook in, require minimum or non-cooking fats (oil, butter, etc.) and can be cleaned easily. But they also have a lot of variety, each different in price point, material, features, and pros & cons. For example, regular PTFE non-stick cookware is infamous for being toxic and high maintenance.

Today we are talking about ceramic cookware. So what makes ceramic cookware different? It not only looks like fantastic equipment to have in your kitchen, but it also does the job pretty well! It has a series of pros and is quite affordable compared to its competitors in the space.

Cooking and cleaning on the ceramic surface is absolutely blissful. When heated too high, it doesn’t release toxic fumes, and food doesn’t stain or leach into the cookware’s surface. It shares all the properties of regular non-stick cookware, with even more advantages. So let’s have a look one by one at these advantages of ceramic cookware.

Ceramic is Healthier

When talking about ceramic cookware, its health benefits come to mind immediately. It doesn’t contain any chemicals or metals. It is made from sand, which is 100% safe as compared to something like Teflon. It doesn’t contain any chemicals and doesn’t release any chemicals either.

In their counterparts, PFOA is a chemical that is secreted when Teflon coating is heated too much. This chemical then leaches into the food and causes many harms and even possibly cancer. This threat is completely eliminated in ceramic cookware. The material has a higher threshold to heat and has a glass-like surface that keeps it non-stick.

Better Heat Retention

Good cookware is all about heat retention. The better your pan behaves against heat, the more energy or fuel you can save. Ceramic cookware is also very good for cooking based on these facts. Ceramic holds heat for longer, which means you can conserve energy and save your pan and food from overheating and overcooking.

Ceramic also doesn’t absorb the flavours of the food being cooked in it. This is a problem many users face, especially when they have to cook very contrasting flavour palettes in the same pan. They take a little longer to heat up, but you can glide through the rest of the cooking process when they do.

Easier to Clean

Ceramic’s surface is glass-like. It is very easy to clean ceramic coated cookware since you can simply just wipe them clean. There is none or too little scrubbing involved in cleaning a ceramic pot. Ceramic is also dishwasher safe since it is a durable material. Still, if you want to avoid the risk of chipping, washing with hands is recommended. It doesn’t take a lot of time or effort to clean them anyway.


This benefit is a little low on priorities, but it still matters! If you are someone who likes to record recipe videos or are a professional where you have to care about aesthetics, or even if you are somebody who just likes a good looking kitchen, ceramic cookware is the one for you. Their white and glass-like surface is beautiful to look at and makes your food look even better than it must taste.

If you are planning to upgrade or add to your cookware arsenal, ceramic cookware is a great choice. They usually have an aluminium base that offers them great abilities. We spoke about the many advantages of owning a pot or pan with ceramic coating, but they also require maintenance to last you long. Regardless, it is worth the effort because they are one of the few non-stick surfaces that actually are free from toxicity.

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