How To Choose The Right Cookware For a Kitchen

How To Choose The Right Cookware For a Kitchen

Whether you are a beginner at cooking or a seasoned chef, having the right cookware can make a significant difference in your cooking experience. Having said that, choosing the right cookware for your kitchen can be an overwhelming process as the market is flooded with a plethora of cookware items. To ease your hunt for the right cookware items, we have compiled a list of five essential items that you need to have in your kitchen.

1. Non-Stick Tawa

Whether it is a dosa tawa or a concave tawa, this particular cookware item should be on top of your shopping list. This non-stick pan can be used to prepare everything from chapattis and bhakris to dosas and uttapams. This tawa gets an ergonomic handle which keeps unwanted burns at bay. Secondly, it is layered with a non-stick coating that doesn’t let food stick to the surface.

2. 2.6mm Non-Stick Kadhai

Kadhai is one of the most important cookware items in the Indian culture as it allows you to prepare a variety of veggies, gravies and curries. This Non-Stick Kadhai from Sumeet is ideal for deep frying or sautéing, thanks to its deep design. Due to its non-stick surface, the kadhai also requires less oil or butter, thereby making your food healthier. This kadhai comes with a lid that allows you to slowly cook the veggies to retain their flavor and aroma.

3. Saucepan

This premium-quality saucepan from Sumeet is an essential accessory for every kitchen as it can be used to heat milk, water or prepare beverages like tea and coffee. The flat base of this cookware items ensures that you can use it on a gas stove or induction top. Moreover, the easy grip handle makes working faster and easier.

4. Non-Stick Grill Pan

This cookware item is a must-have in your kitchen if you love making kebabs, sandwiches and burgers. The pan is designed to leave appetizing grill stripes on the food and preserve the nutrition as well. The pan gets a long handle which makes it easy for you to use this pan. The backside of pan features HTR finish, which ensures it's durability and long-lasting performance so that you can enjoy years of hassle-free healthy cooking.

5. Non-Stick Appam Patra

This non-stick Appam Patra is the perfect choice to prepare scrumptious appams in the comfort of your home. This cookware item can be used to prepare 12 appams at a time, thereby saving you time and fuel. The firm handle allows for smooth handling, while the lid ensures that your appams cook slowly and perfectly.

High-quality cookware will add ease and comfort to your kitchen chores. All the items mentioned in the above list are made using a premium-quality material that makes these items last for many years. These products consume less gas, thanks to the even heat distribution that also helps to cook food to perfection. Moreover, the simple design of these cookware items also makes them easy to clean on a regular basis.

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