How to Manage Heat While Cooking in Stainless Steel

How to Manage Heat While Cooking in Stainless Steel


Your choice of cookware directly impacts your cooking skills and the quality of food you make. If you have been cooking for a while, you know the convenience that non-stick cookware brings. You also must be familiar with the health benefits of cast iron cookware. But if you are looking for something balanced that provides you with tasty and the best-seared food, you must use stainless steel! Stainless steel is a cookware material for home cooks of intermediate or advanced level cooks.

It can be difficult to cook on a stainless steel surface because it is not non-stick naturally. Food has the tendency to stick when not managed properly. But the reason stainless steel is so popular is that it is lightweight and also non-toxic. No chemicals are leached into your food. The management of heat is the key to being able to use a pan or pot well.

The Stainless Steel Cookware will be your best friend if you know how to use it correctly, blessing you with well-made omelettes, pancakes, sauces, and steaks! So let’s learn what to do and what not to do with stainless steel cookware and manage heat well.

1. Preheat the Pan

The problem that makes food stick to a stainless steel pan is that it is not heated properly. If it is not hot enough, the food will stick as the pan heats up eventually. Preheating the pan to the right temperature is what you need to do before you start cooking. The way to do it is to put your stovetop on a medium flame or medium-high heat. The way to test if your pan is the right amount of hot is by splashing a few droplets of water on it. If the droplets immediately evaporate, you’re good to go!

2. Using Oil and Other Cooking Fats

It is easier to cook with very little fats in non-stick cookware, but for stainless steel, you must use a good amount of your favourite oil or other cooking fats like butter or ghee. This fills the tiny pores in the pan and makes it easier for heat to spread evenly on the pan. If you use nice oil like olive oil, it also adds to the flavour of the whole thing. Adding the oil must be done right after the preheating process. When the oil is hot enough, you can put it in your food, and it should sizzle.

3. Getting your Food to Room Temperature

This is a really handy trick to make sure your food never sticks to the pan. Especially if you are cooking meat, take it out of the fridge and get it to room temperature. Just like your pan, your raw food also needs to be just the right temperature. When the food is cold, the surface of the food takes a little longer to get to the same temperature and sticks to the pan.

4. Patience!

If you are trying to sear meats on the pan, you need to be patient! That is it. Chicken, fish, or a nice juicy steak can be either the best made on a stainless steel pan or a colossal mess up. After you have preheated and seasoned your pan, added oil, gotten your meat to room temperature, you must enjoy the initial sizzle and hold yourself back from touching the food for a while! When the crust is crisply done, it gets itself off the pan by itself. It also happens only when it is perfect.

5. Keep Scraping the Stuck Bits

While making a sauce, you can’t leave the pot ideal for too long, as the liquid will float upwards, and the solid bits will gravitate downwards. If you leave it ideal for too long, the solid bits will stick to the bottom. You must keep stirring the sauce to make sure it is done consistently.

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