Kitchen Items That Professional Food Bloggers and Stylists Swear By

Kitchen Items That Professional Food Bloggers and Stylists Swear By


Photographing your food might have sounded like an absurd thing to do back in the day, in fact, not even 15 years ago, if you whipped out your camera to casually click pictures of your food before eating, people would think you are weird. But these days, it is quite common to snap a picture of your delicious food to show the world what they’re missing out on! This trend of creating FOMO using the beauty of the things you’re around and are enjoying has also made room for new specialities and nuances like food blogging and styling. After all, food is about nourishment, and the visual appeal is a big part of it.

When you are a home cook, there is a sense of pride and accomplishment that comes from making something amazing. This makes you want to decorate the recipe and share it with the world. But when it comes to aesthetics, it is more than just the colour of your gravy, the cheese pull of your pizza, and the garnish of your soup that matters.

There is also the matter of all the extra peripherals involved. It includes your cooking utensils, serving dishes, glasses, and everything else that could make it to your pictures or videos. Keep in mind that these peripherals being stylish will also make you a great host with amazing aesthetic sense and are not reserved for just Instagrammers.

1. Silicone Spatula

A stylish spatula is something that would feature in a lot of videos. Especially if you see any recipe videos, you will see a rubber or silicone spatula used to mix things up, flip omelettes, and even bask steaks. With a nice-looking silicone spatula, you don’t have to worry about damaging your pan. So the next time you’re making an Insta reel where you’re flipping pancakes, use a nice looking spatula!

2. Citrus Juicer

There are so many dishes that are turned from great to amazing at the very last stage, where the citrus juice is added. A great tool to have handy in your home is a citrus juicer with a built-in measuring cup. Such a juicer would have an inverted cone to press your citric fruit and extract the juice from, which goes into a cup underneath that also has measurements on it.

3. Small Offset Spatula

Another hit item that gets a lot of eyeballs rolling is desserts! Creamy muffins with well-settled toppings is a fan favourite. To make a smooth upper layer of whipped cream and toppings, you will need a precision tool to spread it. Such a tool is a small offset spatula. Whether it is chilled soft butter on a toast or spreading sauce on your pizza, a small offset spatula is a perfect tool to have.

4. Swiss Peelers

If you are looking to infuse some style into your kitchen, a Y shaped peeler or Swiss peeler is just the thing you need. It looks cool in videos and is way more functional in terms of ergonomics as compared to a regular peeler.

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