Kitchen Tools to Put on Your Shopping List

Kitchen Tools to Put on Your Shopping List


If you’re moving places and are going to start from scratch for your kitchen, this is just the blog you wanted to stumble upon. If you have ever been through this process of having to stock up your kitchen with new tools or just replace old ones, you know how much variety is out there in the market, and how much you can go wrong with buying things if you can’t tell Spatulas from serving spoons.

Regardless of how much experience you have in the kitchen, there is some knowledge to be had about the kitchen tools. We need all sorts of kitchen tools at our disposal. The cooking process is a versatile one. There’s frying, shallow frying, boiling, baking broiling, etc, etc, etc. You will need all sorts of tools because when you don’t have one specific piece of the puzzle, you can find it very hard to finish your dish with the peace of mind you seek.

1. Chef’s Knife: A chef’s knife is a vital part of the kitchen. This is the knife you want to master and speed-chop your way through vegetables, meat, and other stuff. Regular kitchen knives are okay, but once you master the use of a chef’s knife; your prep time is chopped in half! (Pun intended).

2. Spatulas: Because how else would you flip your omelets? Spatulas are some of the most essential parts of a kitchen. Silicone Spatulas are even more valuable these days because they are heat resistant and preferred for using on non-stick cookware, which is what most households use these days.



3. Cooking Oil Dispenser: This is a handy container to keep your cooking oil of preference inside. If you want to get fancy with this item, you can always get yourself a cooking oil sprayer bottle which is very cost-effective and allows you to grease your pans with ease.

4. Chopping Board: You wouldn’t want to chop your vegetables on the kitchen slab and leave knife marks all over the place. A good chopping board just makes things easier for you in the kitchen.

5. Measuring Bowls: When you’re meticulously trying to follow a recipe, you’re going to need measuring bowls and cups. This is how you execute a written recipe with perfection, especially if your experience of the culinary arts is limited.

6. Vegetable Peeler: Have you ever tried peeling a potato with a flat knife? It is the most horrible thing you can do to your produce. A vegetable peeler is a must in your kitchen tool kit.

7. Whisk: You’d be surprised how much a whisk is used in the kitchen. When you’re trying to whip up any type of batter, which most of the famous food are these days; batters on pans; you’re going to need a proper whisk to make an airy smooth batter.

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