Last Minute Food Recipes for Your Party

Last Minute Food Recipes for Your Party


When it comes to a party, you want everything to be planned to perfection to impress your guests. Be it the décor, the lights, the music or the food, everything is planned and prepared in advance. However, there is always a possibility of some last-minute complications which might result in your food getting delivered late or not being available for some reason. In such cases, you need to prepare something quickly to keep the spirits lifted during a party.

Following is a list of a few such recipes that you can prepare for your guests within a short period of time:

  1. Burger

Who doesn’t like a scrumptious burger? This mouth-watering snack is a favourite among kids and adults alike. A burger is very easy to prepare and does not take a lot of your time as well. To grill these burgers to perfection, you need a kitchen accessory like a Sumeet Non-stick Grill Pan. Made of aluminium die-cast, this grill pan features a POFA-free non-stick coating that ensures easy release of your food. This square griddle pan distributes heat evenly, which saves your cooking fuel along with your precious time. Moreover, this pan also leaves appetizing grill stripes on your burger, making it look delicious.

  1. Pancakes

Pancakes are the best choice for a party snack. They are sweet, soft and delicious, and are loved by everyone. Sumeet Non-Stick Multi Snack Maker is an ideal choice for making pancakes. This Quick Snack Maker features four pits for making multiple snacks at the same time. The non-stick coating prevents your food from sticking to the pan and the ergonomic handle offers a good grip. This handy snack maker is a great choice for cooking your favourite snacks in a healthy and wholesome manner.

  1. Appam

This South Indian dish is a great snack choice for a party. If you have the batter prepared, all it takes is just an Appam Patra to get your appams ready in no time. This Appam Patra from Sumeet serves that exact purpose. It can prepare 12 crispy appams at a time and the special design leaves appetizing stripes on the appams. This Appam Patra comes with a lid and firm handle that ensure smooth handling. The even heat distribution on the cooking surface ensures that the food is cooked properly and by consuming less energy.

  1. Dhokla

Dhokla is a great snack that has a soft texture and mouth-watering taste. For preparing dhokla, you need a proper utensil that cooks it evenly from all sides. Such a utensil is Sumeet’s Stainless Steel Induction Bottom & Gas Stove Friendly Multi-Utility Kadhai Set. A highlighting feature of this kadhai is that it comes with a lid and five plates that allow you to cook different delicacies at once. This kadhai set features 2 idli plates, 2 dhokla plates, and 1 steamer plate. Cooking and handling are made easier by the fixed riveted stainless steel wire-handles that ensure confident support and handling. You can even use this multi-purpose kadhai to deep fry pakodas for a party.


With the above-mentioned kitchen utensils in your arsenal, preparing for a party is never a stressful process. You can easily tackle the last-minute challenges and prepare scrumptious and delectable snacks in a short time with these utensils from Sumeet.

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