Let's Talk About Pots and Pans

Let's Talk About Pots and Pans


The kitchen is the engine room of a home. It is where people spend hours enjoying the process of making meals. To be able to enjoy your time in the kitchen, you need equipment and utensils to make your procedure more accessible and the effort smooth. Great cookware is one of the best investments to make for your kitchen. Quality cookware also makes it possible for you to enjoy healthy food and a higher-quality cooking experience.

You should build your collection of pots and pans depending on the kinds of cuisines you make often. The options are endless, and choosing the suitable vessels can get a little hectic sometimes. Depending on what level of a cook you are would also factor into selecting cooking utensils you stock. So let's talk about pots and pans!

Pots and pans are the two most common types of cooking utensils in a kitchen. Most things are either boiled, fried, par-boiled, par-fried, sautéed, baked, and steamed in a variety of either a pot or a pan. Microwaves are the new way of making and heating up food, but sometimes you just cannot compensate for the authenticity of producing food on a stovetop. So let's take a look at some pots and pans!

Types of Pots

Sauce Pots: Sauce pots are some of the most common types of pots. There are two types of sauce pots; ones with a single long handle or with two handles. A double-handled saucepot is technically the only kind of saucepot because the long-held pan is more commonly called a Sauce-Pan. However, they are both used for making the same kinds of things. They both are a ubiquitous feature of any cookware set.

Dutch Oven: When it comes to cooking large scale meat dishes, you need something robust and heavy to capture and distribute the heat evenly. A Dutch Oven provides precisely that. It is a big pot made of cast iron that you can use on a stovetop and in an oven. An enamel-coated Dutch Oven brings in extra capabilities and is called a French Oven.

Stock or Soup Pot: If you like to make soups, stocks, and stews a lot, you must get yourself a soup pot. This is a deep pot that comes in a variety of different materials. This is perfect for making large quantities

Steamers: Steaming Pots are a very unique kind of cookware. They have a small strainer-style perforated tray that fits perfectly in the pot. It also comes with a lid to cover the pot. It is perfect for making momos, dumplings, steamed vegetables etc.

Types of Pans

Frying Pans: Frying pans are the most common thing to find in any kitchen, regardless of the household's cuisine preferences. They are technically called sauté pans because that is what they are primarily supposed to be used for. They are flat pans with rounded straight walls.

Cast Iron Skillet: A skillet is a heavy built one-piece cast iron vessel used to make dishes requiring a higher application of heat. It is excellent to cook meat when you're looking to shallow fry it. It is built similar to a regular frying pan but has straight walls instead of rounded edges.

Grill Pans: Grill pans imitate the effects of a proper flame grill if you were to grill things on a stovetop. It has grooves and edges to replicate the impact of a solid grill railing. It's perfect for making grilled sandwiches, buns for burgers, fish, or anything that needs to be grilled.

Omelet Pans: Very obviously, these pans are made to suit omelet making. If you're a regular omelet consumer, these kinds of Pans are perfect for you. There are two types of omelet pans available depending on the kind of omelets you want to make; open top and lidded.

Wok: Woks are Asian signature cookware that is like frying pans but has a smaller surface but more extensive rounded walls. They are perfect for making stir-fries of all kinds. Whether it is rice or noodles or just tossing vegetables and sautéing them, woks are your ideal companion for Asian cuisines.

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