Non-stick Cookware to Gift this Diwali!

Non-stick Cookware to Gift this Diwali!


The festival of lights is upon us, which means that now is the time to start looking for things that you can gift to your loved ones. Nowadays, people are more inclined towards gifting things that are useful in everyday life rather than gifting luxury items. Cookware gifting has seen an upward trend in recent years as such gifts are loved by homemakers all over the country.

Non-stick cookware is the best choice for gifting as it makes everyday cooking easier and less taxing. There are a variety of non-stick kitchen utensils available in the market that can be used for cooking a variety of delicacies. To make your search easier, we have listed a few of these items below:

  1. Sumeet Non-stick Grill Pan

A grill pan is a must-have cookware item if you wish to make kebabs, sandwiches, burgers and more! A highlighting feature of this pan is that it leaves appetizing grill stripes on the food which helps add a nice texture to your food. This non-stick grill pan consumes 40% less gas and helps to save precious time while cooking. The even heat distribution and excellent heat retention capabilities of this grill pan make it a great choice for every home.

  1. Sumeet Non-stick Dosa Tawa

Most people prefer to eat dosa for breakfast and this dosa tawa is an ideal choice for preparing a scrumptious dosa. This tawa comes with a three-layer non-stick coating that not only lasts for a long time but also provides ideal heat conductivity. This dosa tawa can be used for preparing all kinds of rotis, naan, chapathi, thepla, khakra etc. You can even use it for making crispy pizzas, uttappam and other such food items. The tawa comes with a Bakelite handle that is very sturdy and offers a comfortable grip.

  1. Sumeet Non-stick Deep Kadhai

This deep kadhai is ideal for Indian cooking as you can use it for preparing a variety of gravies and curries that are usually a part of your everyday staple diet. This non-stick cookware features a wide base that distributes heat efficiently and reduces cooking time and energy. The heat-resistant handles allow you to lift this kadhai and carry it to your dining table quite easily. The hammer tone finish prevents extra heat and saves food from burning. This kadhai gets a granite coating that keeps food from sticking to the non-stick surface.

  1. Sumeet Non-stick Mini Multi-Snack Maker

This particular non-stick cookware item is a great choice for Diwali gifts because it can be used to prepare delicacies for multiple people at the same time. You can use this cookware item to prepare mouth-watering dosas, parathas, uttappam, pancakes etc. With this pan, you can grill veggies, panner and coin pizzas. This multi-snack maker allows you to cook four pieces, thereby saving a lot of time. Moreover, it is very sleek and slim which helps save space in your kitchen.


All these non-stick cookware items mentioned above facilitate an easy release of food due to the non-stick coating. They also require less oil for cooking, thereby ensuring that you eat healthy food all the time. So why wait? Visit our store today and select those cookware items that you think will prove to be useful for your friends and family.

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