Non-stick Kitchen Items to Gift your Sister this Rakshabandhan

Non-stick Kitchen Items to Gift your Sister this Rakshabandhan


Rakshabandhan is a very special festival in Indian culture that celebrates the special bond between a brother and his sister. This is the day when you have a chance to showcase your love for your sibling by gifting them something special which can make a difference in their daily life.

Now, cooking is something that is done regularly in every household. So, as a brother, what better gift can you think of giving your sister than a practical kitchenware item? Sumeet’s wide range of kitchen items is specially designed to make your everyday cooking a hassle-free and fun experience. Available at affordable costs, these kitchen items are excellent candidates for gifts for your sister to celebrate this Rakshabandhan. Following is a list of a few such kitchen items that you can gift to your sister:

  1. Non-stick Grill Pan: If your sister loves making kababs, sandwiches and burgers frequently in her kitchen, then this non-stick grill pan is the best choice for her. Made of aluminium die-cast, this pan dissipates heat evenly throughout the pan which grills your food to perfection. The pan also leaves appetizing grill stripes on the food, which makes your food look scrumptious.
  2. Non-stick Appam Patra: If you want your sibling to have a healthy start to her morning, then this non-stick appam patra will prove to be very useful for her. You can make 12 crispy and healthy appams in this appam patra at a time. This patra gets sturdy handles that allow smooth handling and save you from any unwanted burns.
  3. Non-stick Kadhai: This is a very versatile piece of cookware that can be used to prepare a variety of delicacies ranging from chicken gravy and curry to paneer subzi and kheer. This non-stick kadhai preserves the nutrition in the food and also saves energy and cooking time due to fast heating. In short, this is kadhai is a great addition to any kitchen.
  4. Non-stick Multipurpose Pizza Pan: Almost every person in this world loves to devour a scrumptious pizza, and your sister surely won’t be an exception to this. But, what if we tell you that your sister doesn’t need to go to pizza shops anymore as she can prepare a delicious pizza in the comfort of her home. This non-stick pizza maker from Sumeet is a versatile kitchen item that can be used for making pizzas along with other items like roti, chapati, paratha etc. This product prepares a mouth-watering pizza with a crispy crust and provides quick release to ensure a hassle-free experience.

All the products mentioned above provide a huge advantage while cooking in the kitchen. These products will save the precious time and energy of your sister and will allow her to concentrate her efforts on other things in her life. These products are surely very thoughtful gifts for your sister and are bound to make Rakshabandhan very special for her.

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