The Most Essential Kitchen Items That Every Cook Needs!

The Most Essential Kitchen Items That Every Cook Needs!


Every kitchen is a culmination of various elements. A cook’s skill is to make the best of these elements and create magic in the way of recipes. If you are setting up a kitchen from scratch or looking for a checklist of essentials you need to have a fully functioning kitchen, you’ve come to the right place! Today we will talk about everything from cookware to gadgets and tools you need to have a basic kitchen setup.

Although the world of kitchen appliances and products keeps upgrading and moving forward, it is important for you to have the bare minimum basics to make your processes easy and comfortable. Once you have a basic arsenal of kitchen essentials, you can move to the advanced tier of kitchen tools and upgrades. For now, let’s take a look at the most essential kitchen items that every kitchen needs to have!


1. Non-Stick Pan: For most breakfast items like eggs and pancakes, non-stick and flat surfaces are best. They are versatile for making many recipes, sear meats, sauté veggies, and sauces. Depending on your budget and requirements, you can get a wide variety of non-stick pans in different sizes.

2. Saucepan: In an Indian household, a saucepan is used mostly for making tea in the morning or evening. They are ideal for cooking anything with liquids, and they are very easy to manoeuvre.

3. Stock Pot: These pots are ideal for making large quantities of liquid like soup or sauces for a large number of people. If you want to boil pasta the best way, a stockpot is ideal since it gives the pasta freedom to float around. It also allows for even heating.

4. Baking Dish: A glass baking dish or one made of silicone is ideal for baking cakes or recipes you want to put into the oven. It is also microwave-safe which means you can heat up whatever you want in these dishes.


1. Knives: Regardless of what you are cooking, knives are required in the process one way or another. If you can only get one knife, get a chef’s knife since it is versatile for cutting both meat and vegetables and allows smooth operation. Otherwise, invest in a set of different knives since they all come in handy one way or another.

2. Measuring Spoons: If you follow recipes and like to be absolutely precise about portions, you will need measuring spoons or cups of various sizes. Even if you like to use your experience and intuition to eyeball ingredients into your recipes, having a set of these measuring spoons still comes in very handy.

3. Wooden Spoons: Wooden spoons are very versatile for handling recipes. They are health-friendly and have 0 chances of leeching anything foul in your recipes or alter their taste.

4. Peeler: If you use a lot of potatoes, you need a peeler in your kitchen. Not just potatoes, but for peeling any kind of vegetables or shaving cheese or chocolate requires a nice and sharp peeler.

5. Whisk: Whether it is whipping eggs for an omelette or making a sauce mix, combining thick liquids is done best with a wire whisk. It is also perfect for whipping up marinades, cake mixes, etc.

6. Tongs: You can’t possibly think about touching hot surfaces with your bare hands. The tongs are an absolute necessity in the kitchen since they are an extension of your hands. They can also be used to flip big pieces of food like chapattis or meat.

Other Miscellaneous Items

1. Chopping Board: A chopping board is necessary because you wouldn’t want to cut vegetables on the same kitchen top where everything else happens. It is both about hygiene and convenience. It is suggested to have two nice gripping and firm boards, each for vegetables and meat.

2. Colander or Sieve: A big colander or sieve comes in very handy when you have to drain boiled rice or noodles, wash vegetables, separate impurities from oil and do many other things.

3. Prep Bowls: Having various sizes of prep bowls is necessary for organizing ingredients, combining things together, and just basic organization. It can also be used as serving dishes in regular use.

4. Mixer/Blender: This gadget comes in very handy for a lot of uses. Whether it is to make a paste of onions and tomatoes or make milkshakes. A nice mixer blender in the kitchen opens a lot of options for you.

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