The Taste of Haryana and What You Need to Replicate it!

The Taste of Haryana and What You Need to Replicate it!


When it comes to unique cuisines, everybody wants to expand their knowledge of what they can make at home. It is nice to have mastered some dishes when you make them repeatedly, but even the tastiest dish tastes bland when you have it every other day! This is why bringing a little twist in your knowledge of local cuisines is a must.

India is such a vibrant and vast country when it comes to cultures and especially food. Every state is like a mini-country on its own, and each has its culinary style. Today, we talk about Haryana, one of the primary North Indian states, known for its delicious vegetarian food loaded with lots of ghee. They are a State that loves consuming dairy products.

Haryana's rich culture makes for some exciting cuisine, combining elements from the staple North Indian diets with some unique vegetables and fruits only found in Haryana. Most importantly, we will talk about the vessels and utensils you can find at home to make these delicacies.

1. Besan Masala Roti: Since Haryana is unofficially known as the land of Rotis, this one is going to be first of several Rotis on this list. This is a version of the Indian flatbread made with gram flour, mixed with regular wheat flour to help it all bind together. The flavour comes from a mixture of spices that help this bread be a standout main dish instead of a vessel for the sauce or gravy.

What you Need: For any Indian style flatbread, this dish needs a Tawa.  A nonstick Tawa would be ideal since the gram flour can make the dough sticky.

2. Kadhi Pakoda: Kadhi is well-known buttermilk gravy made with gram flour to thicken it. It consists of rich flavours which come from the tadka of many spices. It is famous throughout North Indian states, but the Haryanvi version contains gram flour fritters soaked in the gravy which makes it a stand out dish.

What you need: To make the Kadhi, you could use any vessel with a thick base since slow cooking is really where the flavour comes from. To make the fritters, a thick Kadhai is preferred.  

3. Bajara Alu Roti: Haryana enjoys a frigid winter on the Indian map's Northern side. Bajara or pearl millet is a staple grain consumed there because of its ability to generate heat in the body. A Bajara Alu Roti is very different from the stuffed Alu paratha since the potato paste here is kneaded into the dough of regular wheat and Bajara flour. This makes for a perfect breakfast on a cold Haryanvi winter morning.

What you need: To make a perfect Bajara Alu Roti, you will need a Nonstick Tawa coated with ghee. The ghee is what gives the real flavour to all the constituents of the Roti.

4. Singri ki Sabzi: Singri is a version of beans exclusive to Haryana. This Sabzi is prepared with amchur (dried mango powder) combined with traditional Indian spices to give it a tangy feel. This dry side dish goes perfectly with any meal and is another excellent source of energy and body heat for Haryana's cold weather.

What you need: To make this dry side dish, a regular Frying Pan or a medium-capacity kadhai would be perfect. It would be best if you had something with a thick surface and curvature to be able to toss the contents around. 

5. Bathua Raita: A Raita is a curd preparation that makes for a great contrasting flavour with any meal. This variation of the Raita is made with Bathua leaves with excellent antioxidants and Vitamins, making it not only tasty but also very healthy.

What you need: An excellent Mixer-Grinder to combine all the ingredients flawlessly. Even a hand-blender could do the trick.

6. Kachri Chutney: Kachri is a fruit, very unique and exclusive to Haryana. It belongs to the same family of fruits that cucumber belongs to. It resembles a small watermelon. Kachri ki chutney is an excellent little addition to any meal. It just makes everything taste great and is a regular of any Haryanvi thali.

What you Need: A chutney is authentically made by grinding all the ingredients by hand on a mortar and pestle, but even the wet jar of a mixer grinder would do fine. 

7. Bajara Khichdi: Khichdi is as Indian as it gets. Traditionally, it is a mix of various pulses and rice to make a smooth savoury blend that is a complete meal. This Haryanvi version uses Bajara with moong daal for a unique flavour second to none. To give it a twist, you can add some sautéed vegetables to make it a more wholesome meal.

What you need: To make Khichdi of any kind, you will require a good quality, hard anodized pressure cooker. It is vital to make sure that the cooker lid seals well.

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