Unhealthy Cookware to Avoid for Better Health

Unhealthy Cookware to Avoid for Better Health


Today, there are tons of different types of cookware with a wide variety of materials to choose from. Each has its own sets of advantages and disadvantages. But sometimes, the perks seem too good, and we make bad decisions that can cause long-term damage over time. This is what happens when we choose to cook in toxic, unhealthy cookware. It is the manufacturing material and the surface coating that determine what makes cookware healthy or not.

These days there is so much that can put our health in jeopardy. There is pollution in the air, water and even in the vegetables we eat. The least we can do is whatever we can to make sure at least our cooked food is as healthy as it could be. The surface of the cookware that interacts with the food directly is supposed to be a healthy option. So let’s look at some examples of harmful materials for cookware and alternatives which you can use instead.

1. Teflon Coated: People love the convenience that a non-stick pan brings to the table. Teflon coating is the most common type of non-stick cookware that you’ll find on the market. Someone under-informed about the types of cookware will tend to go for Teflon coated cookware because it is easily available and cost-effective. But the problem with this material is that it is highly toxic. As soon as you overheat Teflon, it releases poisonous by-products, both in your food and in the air around you. These toxic components are capable of lasting damage to your stomach and even your brain!

2. Uncoated Copper Cookware: Copper cookware is preferred by many people because of its fast heating capabilities. Also, many people have the misconception of copper’s health benefits. But the thing is, if the copper cookware is coated with other materials like tin or steel, it is still much safer than raw uncoated copper. When you cook with copper uncoated copper cookware, it tends to seep into the food you cook, and too much copper is poisonous for the human body. This means that cooking anything acidic in copper is a health hazard since it will break down the copper molecules.

3. Aluminium: Aluminium is one of those seemingly harmless materials and is commonly found in households. It heats up easily, is lightweight, and also easy on the pocket. But did you know that cooking acidic foods in an aluminum vessel can cause reactions to take place and give off toxic by-products? Some studies have even suggested that cooking in aluminum is linked to causing Alzheimer’s disease, which is a fatal brain disease.

These are some types of cookware that you should definitely avoid. But instead, you can replace your arsenal of pots and pans with cookware made of these items.

1. Cast Iron: Cast iron is known to be one of the best types of material for cookware in the kitchen. The only catch is that if not seasoned properly, it can be sticky. It takes a certain level of skill to be able to successfully cook in cast iron pans. It conducts heat as evenly as any item, has no hotspots, and helps food be infused with a healthy dose of iron which is required by the human body.

2. Stainless Steel: Stainless steel cookware with aluminum bottoms is one of the best options for your kitchen. They heat up quickly and evenly and also are pretty non-stick. They are also completely non-toxic and don’t cause any health complications. It is very sanitary and doesn’t corrode easily. It is also a very easy type of material to cook in, even for beginners.

3. Ceramic: A little on the costlier side, ceramic is one of the best options for your kitchen. With a glass-like surface, ceramic is the best type of non-stick cookware that you could possibly have since it is non-reactive, very versatile in terms of cuisines, microwave safe, and also has a non-scratch surface. It can even take high heat without leaching any kinds of chemicals into your food.

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