What You Should Know About Your New Pressure Cooker

What You Should Know About Your New Pressure Cooker


A lot of people are scared of pressure cookers. They're scared of the stories they have heard from their friends about exploding pressure cookers that send screeching hot water flying everywhere and destroy the entire kitchen. But a lot of people should also know that modern pressure cookers are technological marvels. They are a one-go solution to making delicious dinner in minutes!

The new multi-cookers are utensils that can be used with a lot of innovation and versatility. You can use them for cooking most things you like! These instant pots can act as a whole different breed of cooking vessels when used without their sealing top. Cooking meats in these new types of multi-cookers is the most straightforward technique ever. Here are some tips and tricks on how to handle your new pressure cooker and what all things you can do with it.

Cooking Meat

As mentioned above, cooking meat in these new types of pressure cooker is straightforward and highly efficient. It distributes heat evenly and cooks quickly. That being said, when using a pressure cooker to make meat dishes, you want minor uniform cuts of meat so that everything is cooked uniformly. If you were using more significant uneven cuts, you would need a slow cooker that prevents the meat from getting tough and chewy.

On the bright side, however, you can use frozen meat for cooking your food in a modern pressure cooker. The old, slow cookers were the bane of frozen meats because they created an atmosphere of heat inside where bacteria would thrive easily. But in a modern multi-cooker, it doesn't take that long to be entirely done. In a pressure cooker, cover the frozen meat with the cooking broth completely to cook thoroughly.

Safety Rules

We talked about people's fear of exploding pressure cookers. This is a common thing that can happen to anyone if basic safety rules aren't followed. First of all, something that a lot of people are guilty of is impatience. When you try to pry open a pressure cooker immediately after taking it off the heat, it is much likely to cause a mishap. Modern cookers have safety measures pre-installed, making it impossible to do something like this, but it is essential to wait for the cooker to calm down before trying to open it. It is also suitable for the quality of cooking to not let the pressure escape.

The depressurization part can be done in two ways. If you're sure that the cooking is done, you can manually release the valve's pressure, which can cause a loud burst of sound. This can be startling and also cause burns if not done correctly. On the other hand, if you time it right and take off the cooker at the right time, you can allow it to depressurize naturally and cook for a while longer. This way, the vessel bleeds off the steam naturally and gradually.

Regular Use

When it comes to using the pressure cooker, you can cook food in it every day. Especially modern multi-cookers are so versatile that you can make basic things like lentils, rice, pasta, and various kinds of sauces. You can also just steam and pressure cook a variety of stuff in one-go to make complete meals. An example of this is making potatoes in an inch of water, using your steam basket above it, placing a meatloaf or dumplings on there, and wrapping it up with some vegetables in an aluminium foil.


Pressure cookers don't take any more maintenance effort than a regular cooking vessel. If you take care of the safety precautions responsibly, you should not have any damage concerns. Wiping the inside of the vessel with a damp cloth and cleaning it with regular dish soap does the trick. One thing you need to primarily take care of, however, is the pressure seal. The pressure seal is the rubber ring that seals the air inside and makes the pressure cooker special. It is, however, vulnerable to getting damaged and should be replaced every 3 months at least. As it is called, the gasket is easy to remove and re-install and is also very cheap to buy.

Pressure cookers are great cooking vessels that make life in the kitchen easier. Of course, they have a unique set of instructions and rules that they come with, but once mastered, they are the solution to so many quick and easy meals.

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