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Sumeet Cookware

Sumeet Hard Anodised Aluminium Tope Set 9-14 Cookware Set (6 Piece, Black)

Sumeet Hard Anodised Aluminium Tope Set 9-14 Cookware Set (6 Piece, Black)


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Country Of Origin : India

Color: Black


  • Included Components: 6 Topes
  • Special Features: Dishwasher Safe
  • No Of Pieces: 6

Details: Sumeet Hard Anodized Pans Are Carefully Designed And Fabricated With Compliance With Industry Standards. Sumeet Cookware Are Made of Fine Quality aluminum which Ensures Efficient and Even Heat Distribution Throughout. Hard anodized cookware is nontoxic and are resistant to heat up to the melting point of aluminum.
They can be used on most any indoor heat source, including electric and gas ranges. Hard anodized cookware is aluminum cookware that has been put through an electrochemical bath that hardens the aluminum to the strength of stainless steel cookware and has a layer of oxidization that makes the cookware resistant to corrosion.
These light weight quality cookware are extremely durable, resist scratches and are non-porous, meaning it would not absorb smells from the food that has been cooked in it. Hard-Anodized Aluminum Promotes Fast, Thorough Heating, And The Stain-Resistant, Dishwasher Safe Exterior Adds Versatility And Functionality.

» Set of 6 Topes / Pots for daily kitchen use.

» The set of Tope are stackable, hence easy to store and organise in your kitchen

Tope No; L X W X H ; Capacity
No: 09 :- 15 X 15 X 6.8; 0.5L
No: 10:- 17 X 17 X 7.2; 0.9L
No: 11:- 18.75 X 18.75 X 7.8; 1.4L
No: 12:- 20 X 20 X 9; 1.8L
No: 13:- 21.25 X 21.25 X 9.6; 2.3L
No: 14:- 23 X 23 X 10.2; 2.9L

Item Condition: New

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